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Jenni is a publishing professional and all-round lover of words. As a child, she made her best memories sat in bed surrounded by a pile of library books, multiple snacks, and dreams of one day working with words full time. Now an adult, she relishes her days developing and publishing new education/home learning products for a new generation of readers at Oxford University Press.

Outside of publishing, she is a keen writer interested in exploring the factors that shape identity and belonging, especially as they relate to education, faith, and/or food. Her creative work and input has appeared in GOOD Magazine, Cubes Magazine, and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Mike Posner’s first collection of poetry. Her first book (co-authored with INSEAD Professor Virginia Cha) of narrative startup cases was published in 2013 by Routledge. She also maintains a personal blog, and is a regular contributor of food reviews to Foodie Magazine.

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