Self Improvement

Keep Calm and Vacation Journal

When I was 20, I took a summer trip to Paris with four friends. For one week, we soaked in museums, explored various neighbourhoods, and ate too many tarte aux framboises to count. We had many new experiences that week, though I have difficulty recalling the exact details. I remember

A Letter to ‘Future Me’ From (Nearly) ‘25 Year-Old Me’

Dear Future Me: Nine months can be a magical time. It’s about the length of the first year of college, or the time needed to bring a child to life. Well I’ve already graduated and a ways away from becoming a mother, but right now this time seems significant because there are nine months until my 25th birthday. Thinking back, I’ve sort of been preparing for 25 and a potential

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Millennials and the Urgency to Succeed

You know that bursting feeling when you can’t wait to share a major ‘life update’ with your best friend? Or when you are preparing for your dream interview and want them to see that they must hire you? We all experience moments of impassioned motivation, but making this a life mantra will do wonders for your career. A recent Forbes article by Docstoc founder Jason Nazar addressed this feeling as

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The New Black: Career Blogs for Millennial Women

As young, driven millennial women, we have a good idea of what it takes to succeed. How can we not with so much content encouraging us to rise early, keep organized, and find the right mentor. Whatever your personality or field of work, there is a book out there targeted