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Eating for One

On a recent trip to Beijing, I made a friend, someone who offered to show me around the city. After taking in sunset at Jingshan Park and exploring the hutongs near the Drum and Bell towers, we stopped to eat at one of the many restaurants lining the streets. “This place comes highly recommended on Yelp,” my friend said, so in we went. After glancing through the endless menu, I asked if Yelp

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The GOOD City Index: Singapore

What makes a city? How does it move, motivate, inspire, and engage the people that live in it? How does it bring them together to do good work and make change? And how does it welcome its visitors to plug into what’s local and worthwhile? GOOD Magazine explores these questions in the GOOD City Index, part of the Winter 2013 issue. Very excited to have co-contributed a section on Singapore.

A Third Kind of Human

What comes to mind when someone utters the phrase “third kind of human”? A 10-foot tall blue-skinned humanoid? How about a pale-skinned mind-reading vampire? On a recent trip to Shanghai, I learned that many Chinese believe there are three kinds of humans: men, women, and women with PhDs. I was in Shanghai to participate in a 10-day program focused on higher education policy and planning. Participants came from highly ranked

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The Best Kind of Welcome

Comfortable My younger sister moved to Singapore for the summer two weeks ago. We have been exploring the city together, and on more than one occasion I have caught her expression out of the corner of my eye – wide-eyed with a dopey smile taking in her new surroundings. From bus lanes near Bras Basah to the bright lights near Marina Bay, everything is new and represents unexplored possibilities. She

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