Restaurant Review: Fang Fang’s New Asian Brunch Fiesta

Our first visit to Fang Fang was in the evening when the restaurant was buzzing. There was a pop-up event at the bar, a bustling dining room, pumping music and the smell of incense wafting through the space. Brunch is a decidedly more chill affair, with the bar turned into a kids’ play area and the restaurant lit up naturally to showcase the unique design features such as the black scaled walls. It’s a good chance for families to enjoy the restaurant’s pan-Asian cuisine.

The first thing to note about Fang Fang’s new brunch buffet ($398 per person, Saturdays only, 12–3pm) is that there are a lot of protein-rich dishes, so plan your attack accordingly.

Buffet table

If you enjoy seafood, you’ll get your fill at the buffet table. There’s a variety of nigiri and rolls, oysters and shrimp skewers. Of these, the shrimp skewers were our favourite. Not only were they massive in size, but they were fresh and juicy too. There were also chicken and aubergine skewers, but unfortunately these had sat out for awhile and were cold by the time we dug into them.

Made-to-order dishes

When we visited for brunch, the made-to-order dishes of the day were vegetable spring rolls and garlic chicken wings. The spring rolls were forgettable, but the wings were delicious: juicy meat in a crisp batter that had pieces of what we thought were curry leaves blended in. These were simple bites that showcased why Fang Fang is a great option for pan-Asian cuisine.

Main courses

We’d been warned that the main course was a “platter to share” consisting of lamb, beef tenderloin, wasabi prawns, duck leg pancakes and pork belly. However, we assumed that they would come as a bite or so of each type of meat, similar to how other brunch buffets in town do it. As a result, we grabbed a second serving from the buffet before realising the sheer amount of food that was to come. Rather than a platter to share, we got four separate, generous-sized servings. Of course we wanted to try it all, which led to us clearing out our afternoon to laze about, paying for our gluttony.

Of the main dishes, our favourite was the duck leg pancakes. The meat was tender and just fatty enough, with a light, crispy batter. It was served with cucumber batons, hoisin sauce and the egg wraps that we loved from our first visit.

Drinks and dessert

For drinks, we opted for the unlimited iced tea option (+ $50). These were excellent, refreshing and naturally fruity – no artificially sweet flavours here. The yuzu was our favourite. Dessert was a simple yet generous-enough affair. Heavier options included a mango mascarpone pudding and white chocolate cake. There were also sorbets, ice creams and fresh fruit.


For the price, Fang Fang’s new brunch offering is one of the better-value options in town. Because the buffet table is so focused on Japanese cuisine, it reminded us of Zuma’s famed brunch, though the quality doesn’t quite compare (that said, Zuma’s brunch is about $150 more expensive). What stands out to us with Fang Fang is how well they do pan-Asian cuisine such as the garlic wings, duck leg pancakes and the Fang Fang paneer (from the dinner menu). This is why we were a bit surprised that the buffet didn’t highlight their varied menu. We enjoyed the main courses though, which did showcase more of their pan-Asian flair. We hope they’ll consider including more non-Japanese dishes at the buffet table in the future.

8/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, 2983 9083

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